Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dover Reunion: Party Time

Hallelujah! Got our first "contribution" -- Dick Huey offered a Comment on the first post. Thanks for breaking the ice, Dick. Sorry we missed you at the Reunion. If anyone checking in needs help entering a Comment or New Post, let me know by private e-mail. Just click on the underlined link at the bottom of "About Me" at the right, then click again on "e-mail."

Here are a few more photos from the Reunion, starting with the Hanson/Miley/Irwin/Becht Quartette at the dinner table at Sambo's:

Nice smile, Jimmy Dugar, but I can't get Rick Spencer to look at the camera:

Bob "Ace Photographer" Miley at the Saturday banquet:

The "Auxiliary" (Charlotte Dugar, Gail Miley, and Diane Hanson) checking old photos from the 60s:

Here's Bob Becht, Gail Miley, Jim Dugar & Jerry Foss looking over the Cal Taylor book:

Rick "Tiger" Spencer, Golf Champion!!!!

Ron Irwin & Bob Becht kibbitz, while Bob Miley and Alan Harding figure out this fancy camera equipment:

Jim Dugar and Lenny Moffet plan the next Reunion while Bob Miley takes a "tongue in cheek" approach!

It's "The Last Hurrah" NOT!!! See you at the next one:


Terry Wall said...

Hey Hans, great job with the blog, and also the pictures. I look forward to many more interesting posts. (I'm on the left in the first picture, in the blue shirt.)

Hans & Diane said...

Hey Terry! Thanks for checking in and the Comment! I'm thinking blogs might be "foreign" to a lot of our network. Let me know if you have ideas to get some action going.

Ted Feindt said...

Hi Dick,

Just discovered your blog (great idea!). Sounds like you guys had a fine old time at the Dover reunion (boy you guys sure got old!); wish I'd been there but wasn't aware of the event. Keep me in the loop for any future get togethers; it sure would be great to see old friends and swap war stories. My best to you and Diane. Regards, Ted