Tuesday, September 30, 2008

61999 Articles

I have two articles out there to be published. One will be in (possibly) the winter issue of the Journal of the AAHS. It is about the move from Anchorage to Travis. Another article will appear in a trade publication, Pile and Buck, that serves the pile driving and construction industry. The editor is Brian Stegner, whose father gave me bags of great maintenance info. The focus there is on how Cargomaster, Inc., used the airplane in Alaska. Also, check out the Nov 08 issue of Air Classics. Ralph Petterson was able to get an article into that magazine.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let readers know that Sandy gave an amazing tour to my Grandson this Summer through the Dover AFB Museum. Richard still talks about the tour and it has spurred him to enter into a special engineering/aeronautical high school in Seattle. The museum is well worth one's time and especially appropriate and welcoming for youngsters. Thanks again to Sandy and his volunteers for their efforts. Rick Spencer