Monday, September 1, 2008

Eyewitness Comments & Videos

Thank you Aeroki and Dan H. for your Comments. You've helped connect the rest of us to the true end of an era we all remember well!! Click on Aeroiki's red youtube link below to see his video of the landing.....then click on Cal Taylor's red link at the bottom of the post....

Aeroiki said...

It was a very moving experience to see this plane land at Travis AFB Saturday. It was like watching an extinction. I posted two videos I shot on Others have started to post too so just search for C-133. Among the hits are a video of the roll out of the first Cargomaster!


Dan H. said...

On Saturday, Aug. 30 I took a trip back in time. It was the mid-60's, the war in SEA was going strong and the sky above Travis AFB was filled with the sight and sound of the mighty C-133. Unknown to most and relegated to Air Force footnote status, those who flew and maintained her will long treasure her memory. Welcome home61999! Dan H.

And Cal Taylor said..

This clip shows C-133A 61999 landing at McChord AFB, WA, 28 Aug 08. There is great sound of those huge propellers. We were also filming at the other end of the field and got great video of the entire movement of the airplane, from taxi to parking to taxi out and takeoff. Turn your sound up high. There will be a DVD in a while that covers the entire operation of moving the airplane from Anchorage, AK to Travis AFB, CA.

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