Friday, September 12, 2008

New Photos of Travis 133

Here's the value of the blogs folks! We, in the 133 community, have a new connection. He left a link to his photos, and in a follow-up e-mail, introduced himself to us. Check out the red links below....

Hi Dick,

I found the blog in a Google search yesterday and just thought I'd drop my link on it. I am not a C 133 vet, just a 58 year old guy with a strong interest in old transport aircraft and their systems. I hope my comments about the Nav's work on 133s was technically accurate. I used Loran A myself in commercial fishing back in the day, mostly old APN 9s and even a few APN 4s. I also did celestial nav, mostly just noon sun shots but some star work too. I like navigation, which is a disappearing art now with cheap GPS on the scene.

Your blog was very hard to find for some reason, but glad to know it is there.

Man what an aircraft. I was knocked out by its size. Astounding that one was flying in 2008 without a giant maintenance and logistics org behind it. (Note: I'm sure all 133 crew veterans are also astounded about that!!)

Mark Meltzer

To see Mark's 133 photos, click on:

Also, Mark's web site is fascinating. Lots of "airplane stuff" from a sky-diver's perspective:

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