Monday, April 8, 2013

A Eulogy for Sandy

From our "blog book reviewer" and Reunion Emcee, Rick Spencer:

Sandy, The Brightest Star in Tonight's Heaven

I think I first met Sandy over fifty years ago. I can say for certain that every meeting I had with him always began with a smile, never a scowl. Always with an enthusiastic greeting that lit up my day.

Sandy was one of my veteran friends who defined and lived the 'brotherly love' that is the glue of the military ethos, then and now.  He was the epitome of those who helped form that bond among us who may have had nothing in common but facing the dangerous unknowns of military duty. Additionally, Sandy was constantly performing inherently good personal acts to help each
that he knew, and that he did until his last days.

During this Tuesday and Wednesday his 'brothers' will turn out in full force to honor and to remember him for his goodness,  for his unselfishness, and for his years of military duty. That ethos, 'brotherly love,' remains to our last; and, Sandy shall be so honored for his contributions to the world where we all shared so much together.  In the end it will be, justly so, a celebration of the life of a good man, who will forever be remembered as just that: a very good man.

Tonight when you look toward heaven the brightest star will be Sandy once again greeting us with his smile that never fades. It has been my good fortune to know Sandy, as it has been for all of us.

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