Saturday, August 23, 2008

23 Aug Update 61999

Please put the word out to the C-133 community that we motored the engines and then started the engines on the 133, all went PERFECT! All four engines fired over without a single hitch, it was truly an exciting moment to see all four engines running, she's a stout old gal!
Speaking of towing, I had to pay $400.00 from our funds to have the 133 towed to the maintenance spot, the person definitely took advantage of us and our predicament.
This is why it is still important for us to put out the word that extra money for incidentals is badly needed!
Tuesday is the date we hope to do the test flight around Anchorage, there is no doubt in mind the 133 will perform flawlessly.
I will keep you posted on our progress,
Best regards from Alaska,
Terry Juran

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Hans and Diane said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's fantastic! It's a good omen for those four turbines to pop!!