Thursday, August 28, 2008

61999 to arrive McChord AFB

The airplane now belongs to the Travis Museum. The ferry permit is in hand. Departure from Ted Stevens IAP, Anchorage, AK is at about 1100 local, with ETA to McChord at 1630 today, 28 Aug. There, it will park on the Echo Ramp, near the McChord Museum restoration hangar. If the crew is up to it, there will be a cargo swap this afternoon. Some stuff for the McChord Museum off load, onload of stuff to Travis Museum.

I will be there with still and video camera. There will be a professional videographer, working for the Travis Museum. PAO has been alerted. The plan is to film as much of the approach as possible, plus taxi-in, shutdown, and loading evolution. I hope also to shadow the engineer, during his preflight on Saturday and then to get engine start, taxi-out and takeoff (from a distance). Departure from TCM is probably NLT 0730, to make Travis at 1030.

There was an engine run at Anchorage, all okay, then two flights. One had a video team aboard to document the operation. Shots of takeoff/departure and of landing were also done.

The airplane has been re-militarized with stars and bar, tail number, etc, so it will be a USAF airplane landing at TCM and SUU.

Cal Taylor

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