Friday, August 29, 2008

61999 at McChord, 28-30 Aug

The airplane touched down on a cloudy evening at just before 1900. We got really good footage of the roll-out, taxi-in and shutdown. Over two hours, three photographers shot a whole bunch of film, including interior and exterior shots, cargo handling and interviews. On Saturday morning, the subject will be engine start, taxi out, takeoff and departure. Hopefully, the active will be 16, which will take the departing airplane past the camera spot, with Mt Rainier in the background. Pray for clear skies.

There were only some minor squawks, including cracks in the outer pane of the right side forward windscreen. The engineer said not a problem. They are not carrying a high pressurization differential.

Some of the new USAF markings peeled in flight. But, that will not be a problem to fix. It will still be a USAF airplane on landing at Travis.

The engineer says 61999 is a great airplane that has never given much problem, over close to 35 years. The museum is getting a good airplane and he is happy that it is getting a good home.

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Hans and Diane said...

Thanks for the report, Cal. VERY exciting! Can't wait to see the photos and videos!!