Saturday, August 16, 2008

Important Agent Orange Input

Another Comment was left on Cal Taylor's original Post on this subject. Again, to make it more visible, I'm pasting it into this new Post. THANK YOU, VNVets for the connection!

Anonymous VNVets said...

I was at the introduction of the bill. One of the things I insisted upon when asking for this legislation was the inclusion of the "Blue Sky" Air Force Veterans who were stripped of their Agent Orange benefits in 1993 by the DVA, just as the Blue Water Navy Veterans were stripped of their benefits in 2002.

Congressman Filner's intent is to revert the criteria for presumptive exposure to Agent Orance to receipt of the Vietnam Service Medal. The bill, even though in its infancy, includes language that is specifically aimed at restoring benefits to the Air Force.

Also, we are in receipt of a letter [to an Air Force Veteran who served in Thailand, that Filner intends to include the TLC Veterans [those who served in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia] and received the Vietnam Service Medal. There will be more changes to the bill as it wends its way through Congress. This is HR 6562.

At the same time we are pressing for passage of a recently introduced bill [HR 6798 - Kagen [D-WI], whichj would add cancers of the gastro intestinal tract, including pancreatic, liver, and biliary cancer, to the list of Agent Orange diseases.

One other bill that already passed the House and is in the Senate now is HR 5892 - Hall [D-NY], which corrects many administrative deficiencies in the DVA, in addidition to fixing the widow's problem [widows will no longer have to recert to square one when their husband's die while a claim is in process. They can pick up as the claimant, and have an additional year to file evidence. The bill also expands the jurisdiction of the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to include the merits of the claim, rather than just the process itself.

If you would like to follow the progress of this and join our fight come visit the VNVets Blog at

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Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like some of our brethren have sold the rest of us down the river on HR 6562. John Rossie and his cohorts have convinced Filner to modify the bill to the point that it has no chance of ever being passed in the House, much less in the Senate. I am disgusted with the whole thing and just feel that I can no longer believe anything this group has to say.

Anonymous said...

I Was Seeking the shelf life of A.O. and seem to remember that it had a shelf life of 30 years. But I can't seem to find it again, and I don't remember if it was a blog or an Official Site. I have Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Type II Diabetes from it. I would like to find that link again for my Compensation Case. Has anyone seen it? My Vet Rep Needs it.
Email me Concerning this Issue, Please.