Friday, June 7, 2013

BG Jack Randolph Cram, USMC

A bit off the C-133 topic. The Naval Air Station (NAS), Ft. Lauderdale Museum has posted my latest article on its site. It is "Jack Randolph Cram: Airport Manager to Marine General."

While researching the Olympia (WA) Army Airfield, I found the name of the Olympia Airport's first manager. He turned out to be very interesting! The first pilot hired by WA State, the first Olympia Airport manager, a key person working for CAA to develop the civilian pilot training program, a certified Marine hero at Guadalcanal! Would you believe sinking a Japanese troop transport with torpedoes launched from a PBY! Then commanded a Marine PBJ (NA B-25 in Marine service) ship-busting unit from Saipan, Iwo and Okinawa. Later commanded a major Marine unit at Pohang, Korea. And more.


firstfleet said...

Sorry,not NSA but NAS (Naval Air Station)Ft Lauderdale. Nothing secret there.

Gordy Smith said...

I personally knew Jack Cram, and lived with him and his wife Jane in Alexandria, VA in 1962. As a side note, Jack was also the first CO of the Marine Air Detachment (MAD, at NAS Patuxent River, MD.