Friday, June 7, 2013

BG Jack Randolph Cram, USMC

A bit off the C-133 topic. The Naval Air Station (NAS), Ft. Lauderdale Museum has posted my latest article on its site. It is "Jack Randolph Cram: Airport Manager to Marine General."

While researching the Olympia (WA) Army Airfield, I found the name of the Olympia Airport's first manager. He turned out to be very interesting! The first pilot hired by WA State, the first Olympia Airport manager, a key person working for CAA to develop the civilian pilot training program, a certified Marine hero at Guadalcanal! Would you believe sinking a Japanese troop transport with torpedoes launched from a PBY! Then commanded a Marine PBJ (NA B-25 in Marine service) ship-busting unit from Saipan, Iwo and Okinawa. Later commanded a major Marine unit at Pohang, Korea. And more.


firstfleet said...

Sorry,not NSA but NAS (Naval Air Station)Ft Lauderdale. Nothing secret there.

Gordy Smith said...

I personally knew Jack Cram, and lived with him and his wife Jane in Alexandria, VA in 1962. As a side note, Jack was also the first CO of the Marine Air Detachment (MAD, at NAS Patuxent River, MD.

Molly Boggs said...

This message is for Gordy Smith. My name is Molly Boggs, and I am Jack Cram's great niece. Jack Cram and my grandmother Dorothy Cram Monroe were siblings.

I would very much like to talk to you about Jack and Jane. I am just interested in family history. My e-mail address is