Monday, June 10, 2013

Survey Response Update

Again, thank you for the great response!

As of this morning, we've had 79 responses to the survey. That's a 46% response rate (79 out of 172 e-mails sent. EXCELLENT!!)

61 people said YES (Very likely to attend, will plan on it). 13 said MAYBE! 5 said No (can't travel).

The 74 saying YES and MAYBE accounted for an expected attendee total = 143 people! (16 singles, 49 couples, 6 said they'd bring 2 guests each, and 2 said they could bring as many as 9 guests total).

Preferences favored the Maxi = 83% to Mini = 17%, and the Mid-May dates (60% to 40% for Mid-June).

IF YOU HAVE NOT RESPONDED YET, PLEASE DO SO NOW! We need all the input we can get, and would like to grow that expected attendee number.

79 of you have provided some valuable information to help our planning, but it leaves us with some issues to struggle with:

1. The "preference survey" did not tell us how many of the "June Preferences" would or would not be able to make a reunion scheduled in May. We're hoping many of you could, even though you prefer June. If you indicated a June preference, please let me know by e-mail whether you can make a May reunion?

2. Considering some MAYBEs could turn in to NO, and some "June Preferences" can't make it in May, the expected attendee total is actually less than 143. IF the right number is 125, that's about half the number we had in 2010. So the question becomes, what is Half-a-Maxi-Reunion?

Any additional input you can provide to help the planning decisions would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Dick Hanson

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