Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Your Survey Response


Within the first 24 hours, 36 of you responded! Great start, but…..

If YOU haven't yet, please do so now (see the e-mail message sent earlier).

EARLY PREFERENCES: So far, 81% of you prefer a Maxi-Reunion (full weekend like 2010, rather than one afternoon like 2012). So far, 34 of you indicated 62 will attend (10 singles & 26 couples). That's enough for a Mini, but doesn't justify a Maxi (need at least 100!). So we will  at least have a Mini-Reunion in Spring, 2014, in Dover. Also, your preference for timing isn't clear yet (it's 52% for Mid-May & 48% for Mid-June).


Please let us know ASAP if you haven't already!

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