Sunday, June 2, 2013

Diamond Anniversary Reunion Survey

If I have a current e-mail address for you on my list, you should have received the following e-mail survey today. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP! If you didn't get one, please let me know your name & address at .

During early May, Hank Baker convened his local planning committee for their initial discussion of the Diamond Anniversary Reunion of Dover C-133 Crew Colleagues in the spring of 2014 at Dover AFB. They need some input from YOU!!

The goal is to provide the incentive for those around the country to travel to Dover for this One Last Celebration of our Camaraderie! BOTH FLIGHT CREWS & GROUND CREWS!

For openers, we have four simple questions:

1. Would you prefer: (it makes a difference in expense, but this is probably our last Hoorah!)

    a. The 2010 Maxi-Reunion model that took place over a full weekend with all the trimmings, or…

    b. The simple Mini-Reunion of 2012 that took place in one afternoon in the hangar?

2. Would you prefer the Reunion to be:

    a. Mid-May, 2014, or…

    b. Mid-June, 2014?

3. How certain are you that you would attend?

    a. Yes. Very Likely (will put it on my calendar and plan to come).

    b. Maybe. Really want to, but too early to tell.

    c. No. Wish I could, but doubt I can make it.

4. If you plan to attend, how many guests would you bring in addition to yourself?

    a. None

    b. One

    c. Two

    d. Three

    e. More than three

We want to encourage your children, grandchildren, family members and friends to be a part of the grand finale that began some 60 years ago, and is now an Air Force Legend: The Crews of the C-133 Cargomaster heavy cargo transport!

To get as much response as possible to this survey, here are several user-friendly ways you can reply:

1. The simplest is to click on the following hot link which will take you to an online MonkeySurvey. Just click on your answers to each of the four questions, then Done:  

2. OR, you can click on Reply to this e-mail message and list your four answers, then Send it back to me.

3. OR, if you have access to a printer and prefer doing it by hand, print out this e-mail, clearly mark your answer to each of the four questions, and snail mail it to me: Dick Hanson, 10849 Falling Water Lane, Unit C, Woodbury, MN 55129.

Finally, attached is the Program from the 2010 Maxi-Reunion to refresh your memory. Please review it and suggest by Reply to this e-mail any changes that you deem appropriate. We need your feedback!


Your C-133 Diamond Anniversary Reunion Planning Committee

PS: We will search diligently for a "big name" entertaining USAF member for our keynote speaker.


Dick Hanson

10849 Falling Water Lane, Unit C

Woodbury, MN 55129

Cell:  651-249-9541


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Facebook Wall:!/profile.php?id=1441451645


PPS: Check with your old buddies and make sure they got a copy of this e-mail and ask them to respond. We have 171 e-mail addresses on this list. If they didn't get one, let me know their e-mail address and I'll add it to the list. If they don't do e-mail, let me know their home mailing address and I'll send them a hard copy.

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