Thursday, April 22, 2010

61999 in Action, 18 May 1968

I am attaching a photo of 61999 which I believe I took while flying between Andersen, Guam and Mactan, Philippines. My pilots were Capt Stan Bryk and Capt Bill Gilbert. We left Andersen on 18 May 68 in 62010; 61999 was right behind us so we made some lazy "S" turns and waited for them. They were cleared 2000 feet above us. When they caught up we flew loose formation to Mactan. The other Nav. (I think it was Jim Woody) and we took turns navigating.



firstfleet said...

Great shot, Fred. I hope you can get an enlargement made and send it to Terry Juran, at Travis. It should be on a post card.


Papa Hans said...

Thanks for the thought, Cal. I'll make sure Fred sees it.