Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roll Call; Reunion Planning Post #18

Countdown to Reunion Weekend: 19 days to go!!

We've had some requests to disclose the list of names planning to attend the Reunion. We've been reluctant early-on to publish such a list because of our commitment to your privacy, and our priority to protect the security of our contact list that you've generously helped us build. However, our research and discussions have indicated that it's common practice to publish a simple list of last names (NO CONTACT INFORMATION!) shortly before the event, so members can see who they can expect to meet, or not.

So we're planning to publish such a list about 10 days before the Reunion. If any of you prefer to NOT be listed, please let me know by reply e-mail or phone call ASAP!

Dick Hanson
ph: 651-249-9541

Here are a few responses to the above post:

Dick - you and your pals are sure enuf good guys for running this deal - and quite the deal it is! We're coming via light sport a/c - left Fri from Port Angeles - present posn St George, UT. Tomorrow PHX, etc til we get to Dover. Thanks for the great job.
Claire Gilstad

Hi Dick -- I am pleased that you all - finally - came around to doing my - among others - suggestion. This would have been the only reunion that I have ever been to that did not publish the registered attendees in advance.

The ex wife, the ex girl friend(s) and/or current girl friend could all be coming......LOL
See you in a couple of weeks -- Joe Simpson

Feel free to publish anything about me or my address as an Attendee. I am Proud to have served with all of the people associated with the C-133A/B Program. Besides I am too old to remember any problems. Gerald F. Coleman

Let er rip...........Publish. Jack Slocombe

Hi Rick,
Am so happy to hear that!!!!! Now I can go back into my memory bank and remember all the good stuff…for sure I will remember being at Ft. Campbell during the missile crisis…was there on the flight line when the C-133s were churning and turning…this was IT>…thank God only almost….still get goose-bumps thinking about that…
So much looking forward to meeting you also…
Best Regards,
W. Erich Hausner

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