Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reunion Planning Post #22

Countdown to Reunion Weekend: 9 Days To Go!!

Memorabilia and "Show 'n Tell"

It's all about Great Memories....and the common bond we all share of our "long ago" experience with that unique Weenie Wagon, the C-133!! And the chance to be with our Crew Colleagues for a couple days, 40 to 50 years later, will be a real blessing. So bring on the "war stories".....all those crazy incidents and escapades.

Dig your stuff out of the attic, basement, and garage.....old photos, flight logs, jackets, flight suits, caps, whatever you never got around to throwing away. Our AMC Museum folks will have a Memorabilia Display Area in the hangar during our social program on Friday afternoon. Be sure to fix your name on anything you want back!

We're also going to have a few videos! The main feature will be a DVD put together especially for our Reunion by Cal Taylor (many of you are familiar with Cal's big red book on the 133, "Remember an Unsung Giant" (click on: ). There is a professional video of "The Last Flight" (when they brought 61999 down from Alaska to it's final resting place at the Travis Museum about two years ago), "in the works," but not completed in time for our Reunion. So Cal prepared his personal video of the airplane as it came through McChord on that trip.......Great Video! AND THAT UNIQUE 133 SOUND!! We'll be showing that for all of you during the Social Event on Friday in the AMC Museum Hangar.

Then we'll have some "Show 'n Tell" videos after the planned event on Friday (about 6 pm), and before and after the Banquet (cocktail, sit-down dinner and program) in the banquet ballroom at Dover Downs Hotel (about 4:30 & 8:30 or 9:00). Some of you who flew with Jimmy Ratcliff remember he always had a camera handy. He's spending untold hours right now, going through his old photos and making a DVD of them. Also I have some old 8 mm movies I've transferred to DVDs that show air traffic at Dover AFB in 1964, and a Far East trip I made with Purdy/Luke/Hangar/Dugar/Sandstrom/Nicewander/Bond in October, 1964.

So "hang around" and rekindle all those old "war stories."

It's gonna be GRAND!!

Dick Hanson, Navigator, 1st ATS, 62-'65


firstfleet said...

A video I'd love to have had is Don Wiegard's pass through the Grand Canyon.

Anonymous said...

I am Don Wiegard's widow. He died 9 years ago. Our daughter just found this website and your post. I would love to have film of that infamous pass through the Grand Canyon, also. He always denied it when it came up later at parties and around the O Club.