Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Planning Committee Stress Test; Post #19

As time runs down on the Reunion Planning & Preparation clock, we thought we'd recognize the hard workers in Dover who are under the increasing stress of making the Grand Events happen for a "bigger than expected" crowd of Crew Colleagues and Guests (they're even refreshing the emblems and cleaning up ol' C-133A, S/N 90536 for your touring pleasure!).

You know, this has been going on since right after the last Reunion in May, '07, when we started building our Contact List and initiated this Crew Blog, right through the research project in early '09 to find out when and what YOU wanted in the "next reunion," until Reunion Planning Post #1 just nine months ago (how about that for a gestation period??).

Hank Baker
Vito DiFronzo
Gerry Foss
George McDuffie
Jimmy Nolan
Larry Phillips
Sandy Sandstrom
Dick Strouse


And speaking of "stress," here's a link to a video that I think you will agree is pretty amazing! Just for a little break from the Reunion information (more to follow)....

Click on: Boeing 787 Stress Test

Dick Hanson & Rick Spencer, Communications Committee

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