Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reunion Planning Post #20

Countdown to Reunion Weekend: 12 days to go!!

Banquet Menu

Getting some requests for more info about the sit-down dinner at the Saturday Banquet. Here's the latest word from the front:

The menu will feature a “free range” chicken breast and a large crab cake, salad and veggie’s with a dessert. It’s an Eastern Shore dinner, better than a buffet. Unrelated to the menu, we will have a crystal centerpiece at each table and water. Wine, if desired, will come from the bar. Wine is $4.00 and a mixed drink $5.00 and Robin (the Dover Downs Coordinator) said the bartenders will have instructions to pour a “Big One”. “Free Range”, incidentally, is not road kill. We checked on that. Ha-Ha!!
Sandy Sandstrom

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